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Zimbaremabwe Healing Life

(Left: Wengara, praying under the tree)

Faith doesnt need competition or gossipping; if your faith competes with the healer's faith in anything that you do for each other then there is no Yah between the healing, Yah doesn't come where there is no faith, because Yah is faith. And if the healer doesn't have faith in you, in whatever they do for you, then there is no Yah. If you are helped by certain powerful healers then your dreams should help you to see that the healing or the prayer has been received with your soul, as the dream won't come without your soul involved; you should also see your health improve and your problems feel lighter. Sometimes people get helped and they dream positively, but because they don't have correct respect and understanding of their dreams they don't find out that they have been healed. These are circumstances where a healer may just leave you like this, whilst you think that they are not even helpful because of not understanding your dreams. Normally good healers will feature in your dreams in positive ways of Yah, but some people seem to forget these kind of dreams, and dreams are the most respected secret way of talking to Yah. Without a dream or strong vision then there is no proper communication with Yah. So it is good for spiritual people to understand dreams and visions and if you are learning, to keep practicing with others who are clean and clear in their dream world who can help you understand. It is very important to keep praying for yourself too, practicing the things that you learn from healers. The more you pray from the heart, the more your spiritual life will be blessed.

tree prayer

So Wengara likes to heal people with faith in what he does; age doesn't matter, what matters is faith. We don't force your faith, but if your faith is against our faith we judge you to get away from our way of praying and our way of seeing Yah, but we still love you and hope one day you will move together with us. We don't need disturbance from people who want to disagree with our ways, so we look for people who have faith in Yah. What we do is we kneel down to pray to Yah through our holy ancestral spirit, and we believe that everybody in the world has their good ancestral spirits following them in their life. People might not know the names of their ancestral spirits but they should still pray to them. Every tribe has had its people of Yah, and their souls continue when the body dies. Those ancestral spirits continue working for people who are praying to them. Wengara prays for people through ancestral spirits and through Yah (God). Under the guidance of ancestral spirits he cleanses people using water and herbs and under Yah everything is possible. What he requires from a person to be healed is that they should repent for themselves and that will lead them to good faith in life.

Wengara also approaches healing through encouraging good health in people. We can use natural food, natural herbs and body activities under the guidance of good spirits and Yah. Natural foods which help the body and your health include; fresh vegetables such as greens, cabbages, brocoli, lettuce, carrots, beans, peas, potatoes and sweet potatoes etc; fresh fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas, watermelons, berries, pineapples etc and natural fruit juices also. Healthy body activities can include; running and jogging, or if this is difficult even a fast walk is good for the health, frog jumps, sit ups, press ups, stretches and many other activities which burn fats in the body and help to stretch the body tissues. Faith always needs good health; if your health is not fit, then your faith cannot be balanced. If you have faith and health, then you have internal happiness and your body feels young and fit, no matter how old you are. This will help you to pray with hapiness without anything crying in your body to distract; in the same way your dreams will be rich as there is no crying from your body. We are born to look after our bodies, so it is always good to make sure we are healthy, also spiritually healthy. Even if you have a doctor, you also have to help yourself, don't wait for somebody to tell you; pain comes to your body, not to anyone elses, so it is good for us to face our bodies.

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(Top: Linos Wengara jogging / Bottom left to right: tummy stretches; hamstring stretch; standing leg stretch) 

This is how we approach healing now, as something we are always doing, and we are happy to discuss and share these things with those who like to know us and the things we do. Even though this is about what we do now, this is still Zimbabwean tradition, as you will find any new discovery will have come through praying, dreaming or communication with the spirits and ancestors, under Yah - this is the traditional way to learn. Much of what we discuss is traditional knowledge and culture, for example the use of spiritual snuff, cleansing, spirits and ancestors, spiritual ceremonies.... for example, we gather for Dandaro.

Dandaro is a gathering of spiritual friends. We gather regularly to pray, share spiritual stories, advice, dreams, visions and reflections and to meet with our spirits. We play Mbira, Ngoma and Hosho and sing spiritual songs; it is a perfect time to learn new songs and practice those that you love. We pray at the beginning of Dandaro and at the end, asking for the blessings from the ancestors of the tribes of everyone at the Dandaro. We pray for the Dandaro to bring benefits to our lives, good dreams and guidance, and ask forgiveness for any mistakes made during Dandaro and between each other, so that the next time we meet, there is nothing between our friendships. We pray to all good spirits under Yah. It is a time to encourage each other in our spiritual life, and also to enjoy and celebrate with good food and drinks, perhaps some beer or wine; we also share spiritual snuff (Bute). Although we enjoy these things, we still talk about the importance of healthy food and lifestyle and use this time to discuss and share information on health. Though we may eat a little meat and have a drink, this will be balanced by healthy activities and foods, and we also avoid using the electric lighting, instead we use candles as they give a more natural light, which is closer to the spirits of our ancestors.

This section on healing will contain a lot of information on different aspects of healing and spiritual life.

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