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Spiritual Dreams and Visions pg 2

In my dreams, my spirits said that westerners didn't only bring bad tobacco and violence; they also brought so many good crops and so many useful tools across Africa. For the healing of Africa, and its people, the best hope is that there will be a development of natural farming that is for producing good food for Africans, and not for exporting abroad to feed other countries who already have enough, while Africans themselves are hungry or starving.

There is also the hope that there will be indusrties, that focus on making useful tools, that are helpful to the the health of the people of Africa. These are tools for farming, such as irrigation, ploughing, transport, tools for smallholder farmers and urban farmers. There should also be more development of markets, for selling natural foods. Most food in Africa is made too sweet, because it is enjoyable to peoples taste, even though it is damaging to their bodies, so food industries could improve the health of their customers directly by using more natural ingredients and less sugar etc. Local bakeries could make healthy bread, instead of the mass produced refined bread and sweet buns and cakes that are mostly available.

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My spirits say that Zimbabwean healers and other African healers should unite under Yah and stop competing and gossipping about each others powers. Be a man, or woman, of Yah (Yahweh). Zimbabwean healers and spiritual people should stop accusing each other of witch craft, and should stop making old people uncomfortable by accusing them of witch craft. When old people get really old, their muscles get really tired, and they don't have time to witch craft people. They are meant to be enjoying their last days on earth, you should pray for them under the guidance of Yah. Under my spirits I say that they should be looked after and loved for who they have been in their lives. We want Zimbabwean healers to focus on health, rather than who is a witchcraft. They should stop making people pay money for false healing and make people pay money for spiritual healing and healthy healing. If a healer makes someone pay money for spiritual, healthy healing, we call them a healer of Yah, but a healer who makes hundreds of people pay money to be healed on false stories, blaming each other of witch craft, and gossipping between families and tribes; that type of healing I judge in the name of my spirits and I call it confusion of today.

My spirits also say that healers shouldn't focus on making people pay cattle for Lobola in every situation, as so many people are now brought up or live in ghettos or small towns where they have no access to cattle. So many would also not be able to afford to pay cattle. This practice can create so many arguments between families, some might not even talk to each other until death because of arguments set by healers about Lobola and the marriage issues.

According to my spirits, the healer is meant to solve problems by uniting families and bring back the health of people, not by causing arguments and fights. It is good for a healer to shout at someone because they are protecting, but not because they are trying to find a way into someone's pocket. It is also good for people to appreciate the healer's power by paying something in their wooden plate. We shouldn't expect free healing in the modern world. No matter how powerful the healer, they need to eat too, they need to be looked after by the people who go to seek their help.

In my healing I get rid of bad spirits through my ancestral prayers, under the guidance of Yah, the Lord of the Nation. Healers should never use bad herbs, but only stick to good herbs during all the healings they do. Good healers should advise clients to eat good food and drink plenty of clean water. There is no use to be shy to find out if the person is eating healthy food, it is always good to find a way to tell them somehow, even if the patient reacts badly after being told; it is the patients fault. It is always good to encourage them to eat healthily and drink water.

Everyone's good characters are connected to certain good ancestors in their tribes. Even if you don't know the names of the ancestors, the prayer is the most important solution. A true prayer from you will always connect you to all the good ancestors around you. My spirits say that you can't see your ancestors, but they are seeing you every time. When your body dies, it goes, but the soul remains on earth. There were so many good happy ancestors, whose souls remain on earth, in each and every tribe across the whole world. It doesnt matter where a child was brought up, even if they are adopted or made in a lab; as long as you are made from a sperm, your tribe follows you.

The good souls of the ancestral spirits remained on earth to lead us and show us correct natural ways, from today and until forever. Every person is born with this; you only have to pray with faith, because it is all around you. Remember to ask for advice from good healers, who know what they are doing, as you know the world is now covered with so many lost sheep. You dont have to judge the healer; look at their faith as well as your faith. Also dont look at the size of their body or age group of the healer, or whether they are ugly or beautiful; you need to concentrate with the faith of the healer and your faith, then you will find your destiny. Try not to compare the knowledge of the healer with yours, but try to look at the healer's faith and your faith. Under Yah's guidance, through your dreams, or visions if you have them, you will be able to dream through your spirit whether there is Yah between you and the healer.

Dreams are the most secret way of understanding that most people are born with, including healers and their clients. So it is good not to judge your dreams in a wrong way, otherwise you may judge your self or your healer in a wrong way. Most healers prove their guidance for their clients through their prayers, dreams, visions and the clients' dreams. That is the way that the clients can realise how powerful their healer is as well as how powerful their own spirit is. It is good to understand the dream properly; as we know that the spirit is not solid, the dream is not solid.

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