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Bute is ground tobacco or snuff, but when it is for spiritual use it is called Bute reMudzimu, Bute reDare, Bute raPasi, Bute reMhepo, Bute remativi mana, Bute revaShavi, Bute reMhondoro.

a snuff1
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above: bute mbishi risina kubikwa muzambara (ground spiritual snuff in a Zambara (spiritual wooden plate), before being cooked)

left: VaWengara varikudzvura ne kusefa bute remidzimu (Wengara making spiritual snuff)

Zimbaremabwe produce snuff for use in healing.  It is for people who use snuff to pray, which is popular in many African countries, especially Zimbabwe. We can sell snuff to people who like to pray. When we sell it we also give advice on how to use it in a spiritual way. The snuff we sell is meant to heal; it is meant to be the solution to a situation or a prayer. According to our experience, the snuff we sell is meant to give guidance and protection through the powerful spirits of Yah (God).

We advise you to take our snuff with a balance to health, to use it only for spiritual purposes and not to overtake it. We are aware that it is so important to be healthy; don't let our snuff bring damages to your body, but let our snuff bring guidance and love to your life.

As some of us know, snuff started from Europeans, it was not original to Africa. So people should not worry to take it as it is perfectly legal. It is still available in shops, though in Europe it is not spiritual. Our snuff is prepared spiritually and made by hand from the field to the final product. When snuff came to Zimbabwe, it was with the European farmers who wanted to plough tobacco in the rich soil of Africa. They brought their seeds and export huge bales of tobacco back to Europe for making a lot of cigarettes, which are killing Europeans as well as Africans. We are aware that before white people brought tobacco and snuff to Africa, our ancestors never used snuff in their prayers. Our ancestors used water, rapoco meal, and other ways which were used at that time, but haven't had a chance to be passed on to us, as our culture has been disturbed by the coming of Europeans to Africa, which remodelled African cultures and changed so many good practices that had been followed and passed on from generation to generation.

The reason why we use snuff spiritually in our prayers is because some of our ancestors began using snuff for their prayers as well as rapoco meal. So many of our ancestors died using spiritual snuff in their prayers under Yah (God), so we believe that it is good to respect these ancestors by following their ways. But it is also important for modern Zimbabweans to know this history. Snuff was not the only way to reach Yah for our ancestors, but snuff was a modern way which was brought to our ancestors. Europeans didnt bring tobacco only, but many other crops like maize, sugar cane, groundnuts, different types of beans, other types of water melons, types of greens like covo, rape, cabbages, sweet cabbages and so many different types of fruit such as grapes, apples, oranges, lemons, mangoes, peaches pawpaw etc. They also brought other types of animals, such as cattle which were not from our culture.

When Europeans came, they brought all of these things including tobacco, so we are not putting a blame for snuff only. Our ancestors began using snuff at the same time as they began using other European crops and fruits. At the time they were not aware that snuff could cause such damage to health when over taken, as they didnt have scientific labs to test it. During that time, some clever ancestors may have realised through spiritual dreams and visions, that snuff could be hazardous, but many people have prayed with good hearts, using snuff in a spiritual way, but over taking it, without knowing of its damages. It affected and killed so many people, and this is still continuing today. There is even a tobacco industry in Zimbabwe which manufactures uncooked snuff. I believe that this industry secretly is killing so many people; the industry should learn how to cook snuff properly, this would at least limit the nicotene levels in the snuff. Our ancestors have already been cooking snuff and coming into our spiritual dreams and visions, telling us to cook snuff. So this snuff industry should behave like an African industry by learning to cook it for the benefit of peoples health. 

In Zimbaremabwe we treat and prepare snuff traditionally, we keep its culture. We produce it for two levels of use. The first is for people to buy and use for themselves, for their prayers. 

The second type is particularly for our healing; it is connected and blessed by Ngara spirits.

They are both prepared traditionally but the second type is very valuable to us for healing, for the qualities it gains from the spiritual connections.
Bute, spiritual snuff can bring many blessings and information about the spiritual life.

Follow the link below for pg2. on the preparation of bute, spiritual snuff.

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